“freedom ”
,,Rudro M. Al-Amin

Your blood drops,
Dokhini mother’s sadness is awakened.
The rifle does not cry
Tugabaga country cry,
They say, I am not a traitor?
Mother, what is the freedom of mama?
Your blood divided into two parts,
Azadi brokers are free,
The liberating broker,
Grateful, grateful, granular pan
There is a room in the corner.
Melting blood on your feet, ice in the river
I have taken away this Rajbari.
That goddess, that sits in,
I am Goddess, I am Goddess, I am Goddess,
I am the goddess of this mystic,
Baksib Pujari ,,, what do they say?
You are the poison of the hayena, the slave,
You are the master’s shepherd, the shepherd’s cow,
You are the altar of deceit, burned cow, house
Another part of a house, again ,,,,,,
Mother said,
Talking with your feet, this freedom or freedom
November 26, 2007