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After 2006, the military government in Bangladesh governed the country for two years.
Government and opposition leaders became Ernest. Dozens of cases were filed in their name.
Khaleda Zia runs the country for 01-06 years.
His two sons were expelled from Bangladesh. At present one is based in London, the other Malaysia dies.
Opposition Sheikh Hasina lives in London for some time, subject to conditions. Her son is currently in the US, and her daughter is based in London.

The military government (Mainuddin and Fakhruddin) organized elections in the country. Sheikh Hasina is the present government of Bangladesh. The cases of his own name end quickly.
But, in the case of Khaleda Zia, the present government ruled.
He is currently in prison for eighteen months. This 80 year old female suffers from ailments. His hands and feet are impatient.
Khaleda Zia needs release. But the Bangladesh government will not release.
Because there is no rule of law, no democracy, no freedom of speech,
This is the current state of Bangladesh.
November 24.2019
Rudro M Al-Amin