Divorce is happening regularly in Bangladesh. In my estimation, about 60% of households in Bangladesh, such as divorce, have occurred in the present. It has grown abnormally in the last 10 years. And the level of violence against women and children has also increased dramatically.
Social media often shows that something young girls are being raped right from the start.
On the one hand, victims of rape, on the other hand, are divorced.
The general public of this country thinks that this is mainly due to the use of mobile and internet.

But I think mobile and internet are not responsible for rap and divorce.
The sole responsibility for this is because of the state law for girls. And as a result, the girls of this country are committing crimes and men are being victimized. And mens, girls are regularly tracking.

In my view, the Law on Women and Child Abuse in Bangladesh needs to be changed. What do you think.
November 02.2019
Rudro M Al-amin
MSS (Political Science)