Rudro M. Al-Amin

The smell of a worm
So, in this addiction, so
Saying when I love you
Tell me I hate you,

At the end of the argument, gain sentences
Who’s going to home
His words or nayko, why?

Fucker slut, burnt,
Why is it that morning in the morning?
Just saying i love you ,,,,
The way you dare I hate you.

The house is impure,
Who goes to the evening,
Tagore calls, Roy, no room,
The son of aunt,
Some people say, as a consequence of crop yield
A little while, I hate you.

Putt mangled necklace
Bhramarpakhi, released from the embryo,
In the castle of worship,
I just keep bugging
I’m saying that, i hate you
. I’m again I love you

February 05.2018