Give back my father’s freedom to the freedom fighters ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,     , Rudro M  Al-Amin
The government is repeatedly compromising with Myanmar government, why not? Many people are not aware of this question, or many are pretending to know without knowing.
There is a lot of talks with the government today, there are many discussions with the government. It is not a big deal, it is not possible to solve the Rohingyas problem, but the two countries are inaccessible. Because, every day thousands of people are crossing the Naf Nadi, Rohingya is coming, who is Maya Kanaa for those people. Just made a lol, this is a big leader.
Now tell me, listen, ,,,,

The United Nations has become a novel of a novel. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, various governments at different times are deceiving people. “” Rohingyas have already taken two or four hundred thousand people, who have taken shelter, whether,,,,, will return the five government government, and the rest leave the other side. What is to do with them again? This is the state of the government of Bangladesh.
If the God is slain on the head, but if the God is slain on both sides, I hope the United Nations will not say anything to Myanmar. There is a reason for it ,,,, ???
Reader, listen to what?

But listen,, think, you head of the village / head, the head of the next village, you are doing all the work from eating, the chair has given you its convenience,

Now you are sitting and eating tobacco and those who earn two paisa in your village are doing their job. This is not the end here, suppose another mathabar sells the rice for three taka, you will buy the rice of 1000 rupees, the house of this mathbar, went away and bought two hundred rupees rice,

Bhawer did

15 Taka ★ 60 kg – 900 Taka

Transportation ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 90

Extra ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 10 rupees

,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,

                         ,,,,,,,,,,, 1000 rupees

It does not match, the villager said to the villagers that he gave rice for 16 rupees, my friend’s house was more expensive.

Now tell me that the maternal uncle and the next village chief, if you take the wife of your house servant, what you do in the village head,
Now let me tell you,

I am saying, ,,,, everyone does not get anything because I take it, because I’ll be home to neighboring villages.
This is due to the responsibility of the responsible government of Bangladesh.

Biswasas not going to see, 71, see, those who fought, they are now the Razakars of Balala,
To hear more, in 71 my father fought in the greater Mymensingh area, 11 pm. Kaderia was in the army, without the leader of the leader, or said that the rifle would not submit, finally the leader came

The rifle took the deposit, handed it to everyone, the cheep was one.
As I said earlier, the novel’s unsolicited page is about. After the war, none of the cheetahs / rotten leaves have been paid, it is not as expensive as today

Mass Education Certificate.
To hear more, my father received the Gazettes, the freedom fighter, his certificate, the warriors who gave them the first I / D card. The latest online gazette, there is a copy of the verification code, it is a big deal, between the two brothers of his friend, serial no: My dad What else would he be considered as a warrior, why has he kept the allowance at this age? Torture forces of the government say many torture.
Saying to the government, if you do for the country, throw the spoon leader over. I will not be anyone, but our work may be remembered for thousands of years. Along with this, return my father’s “freedom fighter” allowance,

And Rohingya, today, will give them the helpless return to their fathers, but they do not undergo it.