Cox, back, from Ukhia, Teknaf, I am Rudra al-Amin ,,,
Thousands of Rohingyas from Myanmar have taken shelter in the place called Ukhiya, at the speed of the storm, they have been dispersed in the Ratiya, Teknaf’s various agitations.
This simple silent Rohini people have lost their language to talk about their language. I do not understand the language of Burmese. Teknaf got some e-mails: A person who knows the code, from his English version, has understood from Rohingyas that the Rohingyas do not know what to do.

The government is playing a silent spectator,

 Thinking there was no one to stand beside the helpless people.
Again I thought, how long would the government stay like this, and I did not find any right of any question.
Finally, it seems, 71, when we took shelter in India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was probably doing what the government wanted to do. Because we are not afraid of the Burmese army
But the real big cruel, how much did we go down to get down, maybe if Rohini did not come to our country, maybe I did not know anything.
A few days ago, in a film called “Let’s get down”, I saw what was the result of cowardice. Tell the government headed by Sheikh Hasina, how to get down to get down to the table, until our permission is not mixed with the ground,
My little solution, you fight against them. No one else, we want to prove that we are heroes, not cowards.

writer,,, Rudro M Al-amin