Durga Puja passed 500 years ago ;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, third, the third emperor of the Mughal Empire, Akbar ascended the power at the age of thirteen. In the town of Barlow was the reign of Baro Bhuiyar, a ghost of Baro Bhuiya was Raja Kosarnarayan, the zamindar of Taher Pursh of Rajshahi. He was appointed by the Diwani of Akbar. He left his civil service in the old age and devoted himself to religious affairs.
In 1480, defeated Taher Puran Taher of Rajshahi, King K. Sarnarayan, and to keep this victory in mind, everyone arranged by his old priest Ramesh Sasri, “Durga Puja” is made by gold, made by gold. Whose rack is called off after all. At that time, King Cosarnarayan spent 8/9 rupees. (The venue of the present Rajshahi College ground, before it was celebrated as a family celebration)
Durga, Shiva’s Steele

Kartik and Ganesh his son

King’s father is his father

Durga Arthana, Bala, Orissa, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand,
Durga, who protects from all evils and sorrows. According to some, whoever kills Ashur, he is a durga.
Durga Puja, some believe that the ruins of marriage ceremony, while some others described it as the days of happy days when it was in an evil house.
Durga Puja The Jasmine ceremony of King Carnarayan is now spreading across the world, including the United Nations, which is around 600 years old.

Writer, Rudra m al-Amin

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